Dr. Andrea Dawson

Being a Chiropractor is living my dream. As one of my passions, it is more than a career to me. I see the positive changes chiropractic can make in people’s lives and it is an honor to help facilitate that.

I view chiropractic as more than just a method to help ease or eradicate pain, it is a treatment to help people feel and be their best, and part of the puzzle to living an optimal, healthy lifestyle.


We look forward to helping you.


Regular, gentle adjustments while pregnant open up your nervous system to restore your body’s natural balance and are a great way to relieve the added stress on your spine while maintaining your pelvic balance.


Chiropractic care during pregnancy not only reduces stress on your nervous system but also maintains a state of balance in the pelvis so you are ready for an easier and natural birth. Imagine having a natural, peaceful and safe birth that leaves you connected to your own body and your child.


Just like you, your child may face health challenges, particularly as they grow and develop. In babies for example although birth is a natural process it can be traumatic. Any stress during birth can create stress on your child’s nervous system. Sometimes this can show itself as symptoms but not always.



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