Dr. Andrea Dawson

Being a Chiropractor is living my dream. As one of my passions, it is more than a career to me. I see the positive changes chiropractic can make in people’s lives and it is an honour to help facilitate that. I view chiropractic as more than just a method to help ease or eradicate pain, it is a treatment to help people feel and be their best, and part of the puzzle to living an optimal, healthy lifestyle.


With over 15 years of clinical experience and post graduate training I enjoy the challenge of difficult cases and “nutting out” the root cause of someone’s long history of pain as well as helping people with more recent injuries or challenges.


Whether someone is coming in with a problem or is simply keen to keep their body working at its best, it is always about (1) finding any underlying functional issues in the nervous system, muscles or joints, (2) correcting them and (3) giving advise and exercises or a strengthening program to help people keep well and do what they want to do.


My chosen field of chiropractic is pregnancy and paediatrics. Since experiencing pregnancy, birth and motherhood first hand, I am even more passionate about this area of focus.


I want to help prepare women’s bodies for pregnancy and support women as they adapt to the evolving demands on their body during and after pregnancy. Working as a support person/birth coach (doula) has enabled me to experience home and hospital births and has assisted me in understanding how we can influence labour in a positive way.


By witnessing little ones enter the world I have a deep understanding of the mechanical stresses and strains placed upon their delicate bodies. Birth (natural or cesarean) is a changing event for mother and baby and I consider it important to check newborns to ensure their spines and cranial (head) bones are aligned and moving correctly so that their body works and grows in a balanced way.

Where is home?

I emigrated from the UK in 2005 and it is an honour to be able to call this beautiful land (despite earthquakes!!) my home. New Zealand is considered to have the best midwifery support IN THE WORLD and I feel blessed to have been able to birth my two children here and it is certainly an amazing country to bring up my two gorgeous boys. I have no plans to leave!


What does this passionate Chiropractor get up to outside of the clinic?

As a family we love enjoying the outdoors; camping, tramping (little legs considered), biking, dog walking and social time with friends. My boys are sport CRAZY…if it has a ball they are into it! I am a very lucky Mummy in that I share my main hobby with my eldest son which is Taekwondo. We train several times per week together which keeps us mentally and physically challenged as well as bruised! I don’t mind admitting that his natural talent is greater than mine and now he’s a black tab at least I know my little hero can protect me!!

We look forward to helping you.



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